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Quad single IP addresses

Reading time: 6 min
Who manages the rare quad single ip address like, and what are they typically used for. I investigated their public use as of early 2024.

Arc Browser, how private is it?

Reading time: 5 min
Arc Browser is the latest flavour of Chromium that requires an account to use. How much data is shared and why?

Ambient sound series

Reading time: 1 min
Ambient sounds recorded to playback as audio scapes for listening during work, or whilst relaxing. The journey begins here.

Awesome Aussie, an awesome list automated with Airtable

Reading time: 3 min
Automating a build of an Awesome List on Github. Using Airtable to manage the data to build a and update a website.

HuTasker, Hugo X Airtable

Reading time: 9 min
Integrating Hugo, a Static Site Generator with Airtable in a sample app, HuTasker. Read my insights on connecting to Airtable's APIs and making the site build on a schedule. Find out how quick and easy you can follow along at home to set up this theme with your data.

Moving from NBN to 5G

Reading time: 2 min
My initial experience moving from nbn to 5G

Journey into making Album Art covers

Reading time: 1 min
Beginning my journey into making Album art covers.

Mac privacy feature you may not have heard of

Reading time: 3 min
Macbooks with T2 chips have a hidden privacy feature that you may not have heard of.

Turnip rice cake (腊味萝卜糕)

Reading time: 3 min
Making traditional Turnip rice cake known as 腊味萝卜糕 in Chinese.

NGV Trennial Visit 2021

Reading time: 3 min
Visit to NGV Trennial 2021 - My highlights, summary and photos of the wonerful free experience. Trennial is running until 18th of April 2021.

Easy Mac Quality of Life Improvements with Apps

Reading time: 5 min
Easy tweaks using Apps to make using your Mac easier

Cloud gamer in Australia

Reading time: 3 min
My journey of selling my PC to become a remote cloud gamer

Speeding up e-mails and ditching the MX server

Reading time: 4 min
Making it quicker to receive e-mails

Noodle Mix 1: Chapagetti and Shin Ramyun

Reading time: 3 min
I see what it is like to mix Shin Ramyun, a Spicy noodle packet with Chapagetti. Find out how quick and easy you can follow along at home to have a delicious lunch or dinner.

:// Welcome

Reading time: 1 min
This is my blog!