Ambient sound series

I like the idea of sitting in a workspace with headphones on whilst listening to ambient sounds. Picture this; low chatter, mugs clinking, steam, birds chirping. I instantly think of a coffee shop. It is generally known that the act of meditation provides a more positive mindset. My spin on the typical audioscape is to record and playback some sounds closer to home.

This includes:

  • Rain
  • Native birds
  • National parks
  • Ocean sounds and more..

Working from home on a nice sunny day can be great, however when there’s limited time to go outside, the sound of native birds, a park or other sounds can help to immerse someone to feel like they’re outside to boost productivity.

My plan is to release a few of these tracks on SoundCloud. You can comment below or get in touch if you are interested in the 192khz 24 bit versions.

My gear includes:

  • Tascam DR 100 miii
  • 2x Clippy XLR EM272
  • Rycote Windjammers
  • Zoom H1
  • iPhone 13 Pro

Tracks will be tagged with the relevant gear!